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Welcome To MMM!

We're the MiuMovieMakers- AKA Peace, Cloe and Sea.

We mostly use these accounts on miuchiz now: peacesmile19, xMakayyx, & deepblueocean123 (or SmoothieLuvah)

MiuMovieMakers is a 3-person organization of video making. On our channel, we are mostly known for our Music Videos. We also have movies, important news (rarely), and just random videos. 

We also have our own individual sites:

Click Here For Cloe's Site

Click Here For Sea's Site

Click Here For Peace's Site

Click Here For Cloe's YouTube

Click Here For Sea's YouTube

Click Here For Peace's YouTube

Click HERE for our YouTube Channel (where all the magic is posted)!

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MMM's Honors/Awards

  • Winners of Best Website (Miu Mini Awards Aug 2011)

  •  Winners of Best YouTube (Miuchiz Awards 2012)

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